Peter Pickard, General Manager – Recyke y’bike, Newcastle upon Tyne

Jan was approached by RYB to carry out research and produce information for a feasibility study into training young people and unemployed people in bicycle mechanics.

Over a period of three months Jan took this brief forward with the minimum of supervision.  She carried out secondary research and presented her findings in written and verbal reports with graphs and diagrams when applicable.  Jan followed this with primary research and presented herself and represented us in a very professional manner.  She made appointments and attended meetings having already done her homework on the host organisations.  She devised and asked a list of relevant questions and observations that painlessly extracted very useful information for us and began to build relationships with other organisations.

Finally Jan presented her overall report for us and included a list of further actions and suggestions to take forward our initiative.

We would not hesitate to use Jan again. She carried out our brief thoroughly, kept us updated regularly and met deadlines.  She is very professional and highly skilled in administration, research and presentation. She has high professional integrity and takes pride in the work she undertakes and works very hard and effectively to achieve results.

March 2014

Jayne Graham – Founder of Colleagues on Tap

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Jan is there in the wings to call on for short bursts of work when I occasionally need an extra pair of hands. She has a great attitude, and every job, no matter how small, gets her full attention with great results.”

8 March 2014

Paul Renwick – Managing Director, Rescue North East Ltd

We’ve used Jan’s service Cloudburst on several occasions to help with our growing business administrational needs. Jan has always delivered and produced exceptional results for us, helping us deliver our services more effectively to our clients.

Jan is able to manage the simplest of tasks as well as the most complex ones. Jan is extremely trustworthy, reliable, professional and ‘organised’ which is exactly what we needed! Some of the work we ask Jan to deliver has had a direct positive result on clients returning to us.

We personally don’t think there is a better virtual assistant out there and we at Rescue North East Ltd highly recommend Jan’s services.

18 March 2014

Brenda Beveridge – Owner, Ballistol Store

For anyone who needs an extra pair of hands/hours in the day – Jan is a star! Thanks for your professional work.

22 March 2014

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